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TypeLove Boutique

By May 29, 2018June 21st, 2020No Comments1 min read

Pineapple & Typelove have created a beautiful and functional ecommerce website, using Woocommerce and WordPress.

Pineapple has redesigned Typelove boutique from the ground up. The initial design was dated andĀ  in need of a complete redesign, a minimalist approach was taken when designing the website. Pineapple let’s Typelove’s products speak for themselves, using large colourful images, helping to draw in customers to theĀ  products.

Typelove Pineapple Website Development
Typelove Pineapple Website Development

Typelove incorporates the latest in security by using SSL, WordPress, Stripe and Woocommerce. Ensuring a safe shopping experience for their customers.

Typelove uses the latest standards in website security. Pineapple has incorporated SSL, Stripe, Woocommerce and WordPress to ensure their clients are safe and secure when shopping online. WordPress and Woocommerce have been used to let Typelove easily add any additional products to the website. At pineapple we only use the highest quality frameworks and services to ensure the websites we develop run well. WordPress is pineapple’s number one choice for website development.