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Better App – A New Approach To Health Apps

By May 29, 2018June 21st, 2020No Comments1 min read

Pineapple has developed a revolutionary health and development application

Better is a goals and mindfulness app, which will integrate some new features which have not been seen in similar apps to date. Better will be focused on rethinking the choices you make during your day to day life. The main goals available for users to select from are Physical, Mental, Financial and Social goals. Users will be able to set these goals at the press of a button via our new goal store.


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iOS & Xcode are what pineapple chooses to develop the highest quality applications for our clients

Better will also incorporate a ‘smart keyboard’, a notification driven aspect which will analyse the search and typing habits of users to assist them in making more ‘healthy’ choices. If a user types “I want a chocolate bar”, the app will be able to recognise this and alert the user via various push notifications that their choice could possibly be improved At pineapple we only use the highest quality frameworks and services to ensure the applications we develop are fast and secure.


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